Thank you for your interest in guitar lessons!


     The South Bay Guitar Academy, located in Torrance, CA, offers quality classical guitar lessons taught exclusively by the award-winning guitarist. The academy welcomes students of all ages and levels, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced player looking to take your skills to another level.


      I teach because I strongly believe that there is a great need for quality guitar instruction in our community, and because I am convinced that sharing knowledge and experience with others is a valuable and indispensable contribution to our society. The challenge of inspiring students and encouraging them to continue their musical journey in the same way I was inspired when I was a student myself excites me. My teaching goal is to instill a greater appreciation for music, and to broaden my students’ interest, understanding, and attitude toward studying guitar. I believe in treating each student as a unique individual and strive to maintain a natural approach while paying strong attention to the development of his or her technique when playing the instrument.
                                                                -Dr. Alexander Milovanov, Director

     The South Bay Guitar Academy’s approach is somewhat different from the vast majority of other places. Therefore, it offers a free trial lesson/interview prior to starting regularly scheduled lessons, so that every potential student can see and decide whether or not South Bay Guitar Academy is the right fit. Also, prior to setting up a free trial lesson, it is highly recommended that you take some time to read the academy’s  mission and teaching philosophy, as well as to explore why you want to learn the guitar. This can potentially save time for both of us since all this at least partly explains what makes the academy’s approach unique and different from many other music schools and teachers in the area, and whether this would be the right place for you or your child.

     If all this sounds right to you, please contact us to schedule an appointment for your free trial lesson/interview, or with any other questions or concerns you may have. We are always happy to hear from you. Thank you for visiting!